Koshin Diesel Pump

Highly effective mechanical seal made with special carbon ceramics provides extra durability.
Entire unit is protected by sturdy rollover pipe frame.
Strong and lightweight die-cast aluminum pump,

Koshin PQ-55022 sub pump

Durable and Long Life Time
The impeller is manufactured from a blended rubber compound providing maximum wear resistance up to three times over cast iron.

Koshin SEV Series Hidels

Low Vibration: Comfortable in use after reducing engine vibration.
Guaranteed performance: Koshin guarantees 8 m suction lift and specifications.

Koshin Sub Pumps

Double mechanical seals in the oil chamber filled with liquid paraffin prevent damage from dry running.
Liquid paraffin is used in the shaft seal.

Kosin manual sprayer

2-stage extendable nozzle 630 – 1135 mm.
Safety valve with simple pressure gauge.
Big funnel for easy pouring.

Kosin power sprayer set

Convenient caster for mobility

Easy & Tidy Hose Coiling