EB-802 Backpack Blower

The powerful EB802 backpack blower is the latest innovation from Shindaiwa featuring:
  • Newly designed 2-stroke engine technology
  • The commercial-grade air filter system
  • Revolutionary backpack frame for unsurpassed comfort
The EB802 reinforces Shindaiwa as an industry leader in the professional blower market.


Related Products

Portable Power Pack PDC01

Powered by up to four 18V LXT batteries

  • The user of 18V LXT batteries can get longer run time at less cost.
  • The batteries for the power source are compatible with many tools in the expanding 18V/ 18Vx2 LXT lineup.

Grass Trimmer Series (DUR369L / 368L / UR202)

Portable Power Pack 36V

Intermediate connector
If the cord of the tool adapter is loaded with a certain weight or over, the intermediate connector between the tool and the tool adapter is automatically disconnected.

Automatic torque Drive Technology
automatically changes the cutting speed according to load conditions for an optimum operation:

  • On light duty: high-speed rotation mode
  • On heavy duty: high torque mod

Active Feedback sensing Technology
Torque limiter turns the motor off if the tool is suddenly forced to lock

Electric Lawn Mower ELM3320/3720/4120/4121/4620/4621

Plastic Deck
Compact & Lightweight
ELM3320 (330mm)
2 in 1
ELM3720 (370mm)
2 in 1
ELM4120 (410mm)
2 in 1

Steel Deck
Heavy duty
ELM4121 (410mm)
3 in 1

ELM4620 (460mm)
4 in 1

ELM4621 (460mm)
4 in 1

Earth Auger Drill

Designed for digging holes and easy manipulate the soil

It is suitable for install fence posts or poles to support trees

Other Benefit:

  • Create conditions for healthier plant growth as it “pulverize” the soil, roots can quickly settle in.
  • Looser soil also allows for better absorption of moisture and nutrients, and reduces the risk of runoff and erosion.

Cordless Multi Function Power Head DUX60

High power similar to 25mL petrol tool

High Power BL Motor Enables to Work under Heavy Load
BL Motor provides high operating efficiency

Active Feedback Sensing Technology
turns the motor off if rotation speed suddenly slows down

Reverse switch for easy removal of grass clippings from the cutting tool
Grass clippings can be removed by slow reverse rotation of the cutting tool (automatically stops in 3 seconds) by pressing touch button switch and pulling trigger switch.

Easy Change
Lever style lock system allows for quick toolless installation and replacement of the attachments.

Cordless Grass Trimmer DUR365U / DUR364L

Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in series

Two 18V Li-ion batteries can be directly installed on the machine to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system

Reverse switch for easy removal of clogging grass/weed clippings

  • Grass/weed clippings can be removed by slow reverse rotation by pressing Touch button switch and pulling
    Trigger switch.
  • The motor automatically returns to forward rotation after 3-second reverse rotation for quick restart of operation.

Cordless Grass Trimmer DUR187 / DUR188

Lightweight design with excellent tool balance for easy handling during operation

RPM is automatically shifted to 4,000 – 6,000 minˉ¹ according to density of weeds.

High trimming performance obtained by placing brushless DC motor on the bottom side of the shaft

Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer DUN500W / DUN600L

Lightweight and high cutting speed

Optimum blade shape for smooth cutting
DUN500W / DUN600L

Sharp edge blades:
Upper blade…curving downward
Lower blade…curving upward

Twigs are caught easily and held firmly

Angle adjustable hedge trimmer head
DUN500W / DUN501W

  • 45° tilt-up to 70° tilt-down from the horizontal position.
  • 6 angle settings (45°, 22.5°, 0°, -22.5°, -45°, -70°)

Can be folded in the 180° position for easy transport and storage: Built-in clutch works to stop the blade motion even if the throttle lever is touched during folding operation