Denko diesel water pump


Huge fuel savings as compare to using gasoline pump

Pump Body
Made from high quality die-casting aluminum alloy.

Large Fuel Tank – 15 Litres (For DX Model)
Allows long continuous operation hours

Fuel Gauge (for DX Model)
Easy monitor of fuel level

Rugged Full-Frame
Protect generator from rough  handling and damage



Inlet Ø X Outlet Ø 2”X2″ (50X50mm) 3″X3″ (80X80mm) 4″X4″ (100X100mm)
MaximumTotal Head 23m (75ft) 23m (75ft) 24m (78ft)
Suction Lift 8m (26ft)
Maximum Capacity (L/min) 600 833 1600
Engine Model 170FP 178FP 186FP
Fuel Consumption (g(ml)/kWh) 517 (707) 441 (603) 435 (595)
EngineType Vertical, 4 Cycle,Air Cooled Diesel Engine
Net Weight 40 60 70
Dimensions (cm) 52.5 X 41.5 X 51.5 57 X 44.5 X 55 65 X 48 X 60


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Diamond wheel
Max cutting depth: 88 mm
Overload warning
Battery Cover
LED Light

Power Cutter (4-Stroke) EK7651H


  • No Oil Mixing Which Simplifies Operation and Prevents Engine Failure Due to Improper Mix
  • Eliminates the Need for Separate Mixed Oil/Fuel Can
  • Lower Noise at 106.5 dB(A) anad Smoother Idle for Continuous Operation
  • Lower Fuel Consumption at .45 Gallons Per Hour
  • Reduced Exhaust and Intake Carbon Build-Up for Longer Cylinder Life
  • Three Ring Piston for Improved Commercial Engine Durability

Cordless Mixer DUT130

Mixing at any place
Mixer run time: 25 min
Blade: 165mm
Battery: BL1850B
Material: One liquid paint 4L
Rotation mode: Hi speed mode

Cordless Rebar Tying Tool DTR180

Easier and faster sequential rebar tying.

Tying rebars automatically
Rebars can be tied automatically by only one hand in a various range of applications such as building concrete foundations.

Cordless Rivet Gun DRV150 / DRV250

High speed riveting as same as pneumatic tools.

Jaw case designed to enable tight space operation
The short center height allows for tight space operation such as close-to-wall riveting.

Rivet holding mechanism

  • Once a rivet is installed, it is held in place and do not drop out even when the tool is directed downward.
  • No need for holding the rivet by hand even in vertical down application

Transparent container for spent mandrels*
The amount of spent mandrels* can be checked.
* mandrel shaft broken off from a tightened rivet

Corded and Cordless LED Worklight DML805

Twenty 0.5W white-light LEDsdeliver bright and even light.

Carrying handle for easy transport that also serves as a hanging hook

High/Low/O ower switch

Knob for free adjustment of light angle enables the light source to rotate vertically through 360 ° in a desired direction.

AC cord can be stored around the hooks.

Can be mounted on:

  • Optional Makita tripod for DML805
  • Standard camera tripod

Portable Cut-off DLW140

World’s First Cordless Portable Cut-off

Cutting work Amount
75 x 45mm, T : 0.8mm metal stud with BL1850B x 2

Cordless Circular Saw DHS661/ DHS660

Automatic torque Drive Technology

automatically changes the cutting speed according to load conditions for an optimum operation:

  • On light duty: high-speed rotation mode
  • On heavy duty: high torque mode

The wireless activation function enables clean and comfortable operation. By connecting a supported tool to the cleaner, you can run the cleaner automatically along with the switch operation of the tool