Denko Diesel Generator

Automatic Voltage Regulator
Provide low fluctuations power output for operation of sensitive electronic equipment
Oil Alert Function
Stops the engine when oil drops to a specified low level
Large Fuel Tank
Allows long continuous operation hours
Fuel Gauge
Easy monitor of fuel level
DC Output
Enable charging of batteries
Rugged Full-Frame
Protect generator from rough handling and damage


Frequency (Hz) 50 60 50 60 50 60 50 60
Continuous Output (kW) 1.7 2.0 2.8 3.3 5.0 5.5 2.0 2.2
Maximum Output (kW) 1.9 2.2 3.0 3.6 5.5 6.0 2.2 2.4
Phase Single Phase
Rated Voltage (V) 230,240 / 120 (60 Hz)
DC Output (A) 7.4 8.3/16.7 12.2 13.8/27.5 18.3 20.8/41.7 7.4 8.3/16.7
Engine Model 170F 178F 186FA 186FA
Engine Type Vertical, 4 Cycle, Air Cooled Diesel Engine
Engine Speed (r/min) 3000 3600 3000 3600 3000 3600 3000 3600
Rated Power Factor (Cos Ø) 1.0
Excitation System Tansistorized self-excitation constant voltage (AVR)
Noise Level at 7m dB (A) 74 77 77 74-79
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 12.5 12.5 12.5 15
Net Weight 46 65 95 110
Dimensions (cm) 59.8x40x49 63x48x51 72x48x58 72x48x65
Welder Rated Output DC160A
Welding -Rod (mm) 2.0-4.0

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Diamond wheel
Max cutting depth: 88 mm
Overload warning
Battery Cover
LED Light

Power Cutter (4-Stroke) EK7651H


  • No Oil Mixing Which Simplifies Operation and Prevents Engine Failure Due to Improper Mix
  • Eliminates the Need for Separate Mixed Oil/Fuel Can
  • Lower Noise at 106.5 dB(A) anad Smoother Idle for Continuous Operation
  • Lower Fuel Consumption at .45 Gallons Per Hour
  • Reduced Exhaust and Intake Carbon Build-Up for Longer Cylinder Life
  • Three Ring Piston for Improved Commercial Engine Durability

Cordless Mixer DUT130

Mixing at any place
Mixer run time: 25 min
Blade: 165mm
Battery: BL1850B
Material: One liquid paint 4L
Rotation mode: Hi speed mode

Cordless Rebar Tying Tool DTR180

Easier and faster sequential rebar tying.

Tying rebars automatically
Rebars can be tied automatically by only one hand in a various range of applications such as building concrete foundations.

Cordless Rivet Gun DRV150 / DRV250

High speed riveting as same as pneumatic tools.

Jaw case designed to enable tight space operation
The short center height allows for tight space operation such as close-to-wall riveting.

Rivet holding mechanism

  • Once a rivet is installed, it is held in place and do not drop out even when the tool is directed downward.
  • No need for holding the rivet by hand even in vertical down application

Transparent container for spent mandrels*
The amount of spent mandrels* can be checked.
* mandrel shaft broken off from a tightened rivet

Corded and Cordless LED Worklight DML805

Twenty 0.5W white-light LEDsdeliver bright and even light.

Carrying handle for easy transport that also serves as a hanging hook

High/Low/O ower switch

Knob for free adjustment of light angle enables the light source to rotate vertically through 360 ° in a desired direction.

AC cord can be stored around the hooks.

Can be mounted on:

  • Optional Makita tripod for DML805
  • Standard camera tripod

Portable Cut-off DLW140

World’s First Cordless Portable Cut-off

Cutting work Amount
75 x 45mm, T : 0.8mm metal stud with BL1850B x 2

Cordless Circular Saw DHS661/ DHS660

Automatic torque Drive Technology

automatically changes the cutting speed according to load conditions for an optimum operation:

  • On light duty: high-speed rotation mode
  • On heavy duty: high torque mode

The wireless activation function enables clean and comfortable operation. By connecting a supported tool to the cleaner, you can run the cleaner automatically along with the switch operation of the tool